Roy Spence wrote It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What you Stand For, and it’s a great book (thanks, John Woodcock)! It sounds like a book about selling, doesn’t it? It isn’t, and I think Spence got his title wrong. He should have gone with the subtitle Why Every Extraordinary Business is Driven by Purpose. Let’s face it, most companies – and this applies to construction companies as much as we resist the concept – are commodities. “Getting out of beigeland,” as Spence refers to the commoditization of most businesses, can only be done by people and companies on a MISSION.

Please tune in this week as Wayne reviews this incredible business resource, walks through the four must-do steps for breaking free of the beigeland trap, and offers a truly surprising fun fact about how legendary entrepreneur Sam Walton was in a… wait for it… PEER GROUP! Who knew?

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