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Is Stress Always Bad?

This week’s vlog is another counterintuitive one and, thankfully, the last in a very short series. If we’re brutally honest with ourselves, we must admit that construction is a very stressful industry. There is unrelenting pressure to get jobs done on time and on...

Is Pessimism Good for You?

Let’s start with a caveat: Pessimism should probably NOT be your default setting if you want to be successful in the construction business. Cockeyed optimists like Wayne might dismiss or rebel at the idea that pessimism can be a positive. Isn’t it a drag on creativity...

Leadership Versus Management: What’s the Difference?

Is leadership synonymous with management? If not, what’s the difference? And in what ways do they overlap? Does your construction company need both to prosper? Of course it does! But to be truly successful, senior leaders need to make sure they’re delivering plenty...