Human Resource Management

Research clearly shows that the ability to effectively recruit and manage talent is central to achieving breakthrough success. A family owned business will only be successful in the long run if it can attract great non-family talent. However, current economic conditions and diminishing employee loyalty make achieving this goal more difficult while aggressive competition and changing family and employee expectations make it more essential than ever.
These pressures make it imperative for families and closely held businesses to transform the way they manage their workforces. HR duties must evolve dramatically from “necessary evil” tasks to strategic imperatives.
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+ Get the Right People On Your Bus!

Without great people, even the most talented entrepreneur can only get so far. The typical methodology for hiring in closely held businesses leaves much to be desired, and using headhunters, networking, or internet ads is most decidedly not the answer. The Family Business Institute can help tailor a system for producing predictable, repeatable successes in attracting the right sort of talent to help you transform your business and build a better future.

+ Changing the Status Quo

Because most successful entrepreneurs lack outstanding teams to help them, they find themselves locked in 80 hour work weeks trying to do it all themselves. Because they work so hard and so long, they don’t have the time they need to develop better systems and procedures, and they discover they’re on a treadmill where, no matter how fast they run, they can’t progress. The Family Business Institute can be the catalyst to break the vicious cycle and to help entrepreneurs rediscover their dreams of freedom.

+ Creating a Business (Rather than a Job)

Most entrepreneurs don’t really have businesses – they have jobs. Businesses, unlike jobs, are perpetual, and the sad fact is that if most entrepreneurs stopped working as hard as they do, their businesses would come crashing down around them! By helping them get the right people on the bus – and by helping get the wrong people off! – The Family Business Institute can give entrepreneurs the gift of time which they can use to drive their companies to new heights – or simply to be able to finally take a vacation!

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