Family Meetings and Retreats

Families in business together are whipsawed. It’s hard enough to exist peacefully in a family over one’s lifetime; add a successful but very demanding business to the mix, and things get REALLY complicated! Families long to return to a simpler time when things seemed less intense, people got along better, and communication flowed more easily. They’re not quite sure how they got to the current state of stress and disconnect, but they are sure things could be better. All too often, however, they don’t have the “how to” skills to make it happen. The Family Business Institute helps business families understand themselves and each other better and rebuilds bonds of family commitment and communication.
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+ Family Meetings

Formal, scheduled family meetings provide family members with much desired information on the status of the family and the family business. Family members can re-connect with one another and family issues can be discussed rather than left to fester into larger issues.

+ Family Retreats

The Family Business Institute develops customized retreat solutions based on the depth of the problems to be resolved, the importance of the decisions to be made, and the level of conflict in the family. The customized solutions involve both serious and fun activities for family members. The activities, discussions, and exercises introduce the participants to the critical issues facing the business and teach ways for all to work together for the common good. Decisions are made, action plans are built, and follow up and accountability plans are put into place.

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