Expense Reduction

If The Great Recession taught us anything, it is that keeping our belts tight and expenses manageable is an indispensable business discipline. The Family Business Institute helps single and multi-site family and closely held businesses manage and reduce operating expenses. Our goal is to help your company take a look at every possible way to reduce the cost of doing business and achieve breakthrough success.
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+ Expense Reduction

An expense reduction audit is a process that takes a look at every possible way to save your family or closely held business money. After completing the audit, we present the recommendations to you and allow you to choose which suggestions to implement. We then assist in executing the approved recommendations.

+ Benchmarking

We have the capability to benchmark your company’s financials and efficiencies against others of your size in your industry and region. Benchmarking often brings to light expenditures which are too high – or in some cases too low – compared to “best practices.”

+ Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow is probably the most often mentioned but least understood concept among closely held business today. Cash flow planning and forecasting can help family companies understand not only cost ramifications but also long term impact on operations and company valuation.

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