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Ben Northey has enjoyed a four-decade career in construction from digging ditches to corporate boardrooms, and he has loved it all. Along his journey, Ben occupied and excelled in virtually every management position in the industry. He spent most of his career in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific northwest markets. Completing award winning projects in those extremes gave him a strong appreciation for carefully planning work and meticulously examining all the resources required.

Ben has worked on infrastructure, airports, landfills, environmental clean-up and restoration, demolition, and even signature golf courses. He also has experience in material production, remote logistics, safety, risk management, and vertical integration of companies. His breadth of experience spans working for family-owned companies as well as one of the largest heavy civil companies in the world.

Ben is most proud of the places, the projects, and especially the PEOPLE he helped develop over the years. He is a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC), a designation issued by the American Institute of Construction.

He loves any outdoor activity that keeps him in touch with this beautiful country. Ben and his wife Laurie are blessed with three awesome children and four grandkids (and counting).

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