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Where’s the Trust?

My favorite daily newsletter Chief Executive had an incredible article in January: 60% of companies (I think the writer means very large public companies) are using monitoring software to check on their workers! And an additional 17% are considering doing the same! I...

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It’s All About People (Still!)

There is no place to hide anymore; other companies are coming for your people every day! What’s the secret to keeping your best and brightest? Watch Digging Deeper this week as Dennis emphasizes (yet again!) the importance of having the right people, the importance of...

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An Unanticipated Hiring Advantage

LinkedIn has become an important tool for contractors seeking to hire people, and their recent report “The State of the Labor Market” noted that 50% of applicant responses went to only 14% of employers placing notices! What gives? Tune in this week as Wayne reveals...

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