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Success is all about balance.

There are many moving parts to your business and family, but keeping up with it all doesn’t have to be so complicated.  From succession planning to people management, our experts at The Family Business Institute give you the tools you need to create lasting success in your business, promote harmony in your family, and create a work-life balance that’s healthy and sustainable.  

Balance in your interpersonal, operational, and financial strategies is the pathway to long lasting success. 

Analyze and Evaluate

While your family business has a great many strengths, let’s face it: There is no such thing as a perfect family owned company. Knowing you and your business and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses is the key to crafting the right plan for you.


Once you have helped us thoroughly analyze and evaluate the nuances of your family and business, we’ll create a plan tailored specifically to maximize the harmony and success in both.


Implementing the custom plan and putting the family and business you love on track to grow stronger and more sustainable can happen much more quickly than you might think.

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Solutions We Offer


Business Assessments

The most important step in helping a family owned business achieve lasting success is in a thorough determination of where the organization is right now.

Strategic Planning

Producing a plan and putting it into a binder is not magical; the magic comes in devoting time, people, and other resources to the process of planning and then – and this is critically important – developing a weekly management system built around the strategic plan to produce both results and accountability.

Leadership Development

How many managers have you known who, in spite of their formal authority, have been unable to produce results for their teams because of their lack of leadership qualities? Formal positions, titles, or membership in the family which owns the company are no substitutes for developing leaders.


Family Meetings & Retreats

The Family Business Institute helps business families understand themselves and each other better and rebuilds bonds of family commitment and communication.

Succession Planning

For most family and closely held businesses, succession planning is the toughest and most critical challenge they face. Yet succession planning can also be a great opportunity to maximize opportunities and create a multi-generational institution that embodies the family’s values and mission for generations to come.

Family Governance

Family Governance is a topic that most families are reluctant to address. It covers two broad topics: governance of the business and governance of the family. Most family businesses, especially in the formative years, take on the characteristics of the founder or founding family.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a fact of family business life. According to the Family Firm Institute, 20% of family businesses report weekly conflict, another 20% report monthly conflict, and 42% report conflict three to four times per year.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning has traditionally been associated with preparing testamentary documents and avoiding estate taxes. These are important items, but they are hardly the only estate issues facing family owned businesses! To properly prepare an estate plan, the practical needs of both the business and the family must take priority: Don’t let the tax tail wag your family business dog!

Schedule A Free Consultation

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with one of our trusted advisors today and see if FBI is the right fit for you.

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