In Q2 2019, we launched our first ever Contractor Business Boot Camp not knowing exactly what to expect. With two classes now under our belts, we are genuinely overwhelmed and flattered with the positive feedback and testimonials the members have shared with us. Today, we are thrilled to announce the next two cohorts of The Contractor Business Boot Camp – Charlie and Delta. These cohorts will commence in February and April, 2020, respectively. This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to help develop your high potential NextGen construction leaders – and mitigate the risks of your long term business succession. Please contact Charlotte Kopp at for more information about the program and how to enroll.

In today’s blog, we discuss how, in the current ultra-competitive business environment, the good old nine-to-five job seems like an ancient relic. But, the bigger question we need to ask ourselves is: “Does hard work really work? Is working harder and harder actually doing what we assume it does — resulting in more and better output?”

Watch our blog this week as Wayne busts the myth of achieving more by working longer hours and shares evidence of the negative impacts of long, exhausting hours spent at work.

We look forward to hearing what steps are you taking to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Please share your thoughts and comments. Thank you.