Contractor Business Boot Camp

New Cohort starting February 18, 2021.
Invest in your NextGen leaders today. Give them the opportunity to learn the business of construction and the key leadership skills they will need to successfully perform their jobs tomorrow.

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Learn "How To"

Classroom-style learning experience to help NextGen leaders and smaller construction firms develop their capabilities in leadership, people management, construction finance, business development, and many other areas.

Own Your Time

Working and learning with peers who share your same values and fears has the power to transform your business and give you more time to do the things you want to do.

Create a Strategic Plan

Using the knowledge and experience of your peers and instructors, you can create a strategic plan that gives you a clear path to a successful and lasting future.

Joining the Boot Camp is Simple

Schedule A call

One of our trusted advisors will gather information about you and your business to find the perfect cohort to help you and your business reach new heights.

Join A Cohort

You will join a group of 25-50 participants with similar industry companies and backgrounds. In this group, you’ll gain insight into learning the “BUSINESS” of running a successful construction firm as well as share your own expertise to help others achieve their goals.

Transform Your Business and Your Life

Boot Camp has the power to change the game for your business and absolutely transform your life. Your instructors and cohort members will give you the resources to make lasting changes which will supercharge your success for years to come.

There is power in learning

Research shows that executives and business leaders learn best from their peers. Contractor Business Boot Camp provides a forum for consulting with peers and industry recognized instructors with whom you can develop a deep level of trust which helps create a learning environment that goes far beyond typical industry gatherings.

It is definitely reassuring that there are others out there that also want success for the next generation. I got a lot of takeaways from this weekend and really appreciate the time and effort you and your team put in to make sure it went smoothly. I’m looking forward to six months from now to come to the next boot camp session. I’ll be sure to sharpen my skills and knowledge to bring more to the table next meeting. Thanks.

Joe Leonello, Assistant Estimator, FRANJO Construction, Homestead, PA

As soon as we left the seminar and got in a cab to the airport, Dane and I both agreed that we had “drank the FBI koolaid” and couldn’t wait to get to work and share some of the extremely insightful knowledge you guys shared with us on Friday and Saturday. I think that almost all the material will be an enormous benefit to Harrison & Burrowes. We are extremely excited about what FBI can offer and can’t wait until the next session.

Chris DiStefano, VP, Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors, Glenmont, NY

We enrolled two persons in this and, after the first 2-day session, they spoke very highly of the program and are looking forward to the future sessions. We would highly recommend.

Kent Pilcher, President, Estes Construction, Davenport, IA

The Contractor Business Boot Camp helped me understand some of the leadership and management challenges that get overlooked on a daily basis. Peer to peer discussions and interactions throughout the event provided valuable knowledge that is tough to find in this industry.

Eric Helitzer, Project Manager, GRYCON, Dania Beach, FL

I found Boot Camp to be extremely valuable in understanding the concept of providing LEADERSHIP rather than MANAGEMENT of associates. The important quote I took away is “Lead People, Manage Things.”

Casey McBride, Director of Preconstruction, A.L. Huber General Contractor, Overland Park, KS

I believe the value provided in this program vs. other educational or seminar style programs I’ve been to in the past was the level of engagement of participants. I learned as much from engaging in discussion with my peers as I did from the information presented but the manner in which the information was presented kept my attention for every session..which is often difficult in those settings.

Scott Ludwik, Partner/ Member, Harbinger Concrete, Wichita, KS

Contractor Business Boot Camp

Next Cohort Kicks Off February 18-19, 2021 In Raleigh

♦ 8 days of intense in-person Contractor Business learning

♦ Leadership development, construction operations, construction finance, business development, strategic planning, and more
♦ 2 days twice a year for 2 years
♦ Early Bird pricing available

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