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CULTURE: What the Heck IS IT?

Not that long ago, one very rarely heard contractors talk about culture. Today, it’s top of mind for those contractors looking to get ahead, create sustainable companies, and attract top talent. But what exactly is culture, what things make it genuine, and what things...

Why EVERY CEO Needs a Peer Group

Stanford Business School says that two-thirds of CEOs get ZERO outside leadership advice! Can you believe that? Those who do seek assistance usually hire consultants, read books, or attend industry gatherings. But there are at least 10 ways that peers can deliver...

The Secret to Being a Great CEO

The old saying is “it’s lonely at the top.” Construction leaders often experience isolation and even anxiety from the burden weighing heavily on their shoulders. “Am I doing the right things?” “Is this the correct decision?” “What happens to my people and family if I...