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Does Culture REALLY Eat Strategy for Breakfast?

This quote, whether correctly or not attributed to the great Peter Drucker, has been circulated, advocated, and debated for some time now. Does strategy, as many business folk say, come first which leads to success and then, ultimately, a unique culture? Or does...

The Seven Benefits of Strategic Planning

We have almost 300 years’ worth of collective business experience here at FBI, and we have yet to find another single business planning tool that delivers the same powerful punch as strategic planning. Believe me, if there was something as good or better out there,...

Who Are America’s Millionaires?

I bet a great deal of what you think about “the wealthy” is mostly myth. Based on research done by Dave Ramsey and Dr. Tom Stanley, Wayne this week details who America’s millionaires REALLY are, how they achieved their status, what their spending habits are, how they...