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Recent Posts

Defining Who You Are NOT

A peer of ours went on a Viking Cruise Lines trip, and found that one of the ways Viking as a company defines who they ARE is by clearly stating who they are NOT. In an industry where far too many contractors try to be all things to all people, this exercise could...

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Benjamin Franklin’s Junto

A Junto is defined as “a political grouping or faction,” and that’s somewhat the entity that Ben Franklin created along with eleven other prominent Philadelphians in the eighteenth century. However, Franklin’s group was apolitical and was a club for the mutual...

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Disney’s Succession Mess

One of the most venerated and revered companies in the world is having a very difficult go of things about now. Disney, with all its talent and resources, has made a hash of their CEO succession planning. CNBC featured a long, detailed story about this calamity in...

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