Just finished our best year ever. Revenue up about 20%, profit up about 60%. Went through an extremely extensive third party audit just a few weeks ago, the highest level of most respected audit company in our industry. I was kicked out during the process (by the employees) as well as my son. I was amazed to find we scored 100%. We are far from perfect, however the auditor spent a lot of time on the floor talking to almost every employee and thought we were special. This would not have happened if we had not contacted the Family Business Institute and had them come in to work with us, and we listened. Thank you Wayne and your organization.
R. J. Reed, Reed Food Technology
Family Business Institute Client Reed Food Technology

Everyone who was involved in our process felt the outcome exceeded what they had hoped to accomplish and will provide our company very clear direction. The result has been an aggressive plan (not too so) for continued growth of revenue as well as gross margin and alignment of all us on how we’ll get there. Everyone credits Dennis for being able to lead us there.
Kent Pilcher, Estes Construction
Family Business Institute Client Estes Construction

Brexton volunteered to host the first [AGC PRO] meeting in October 2015 after several months of data collecting and benchmarking. In early December 2015 we had a follow up strategic planning session with FBI’s John Mayes and the results were phenomenal for my team and myself. The entire FBI staff have been incredibly responsive and exhibits professional excellence in all aspects of their service.
Tim Galvin, Brexton Construction
Family Business Institute Client Estes Construction

Wayne Rivers provides a very practical approach to family business planning. Through his step-by-step strategic planning process, our members walked away with tools and techniques they could immediately put into use in their families and businesses. Drawing on his own experience as a business owner, and witty sense of humor, Wayne presented our attendees with great insight, transferable ideas, and several valuable resources.
Nicole Bettinger, University of Wisconsin

The Family Business Institute has a very capable staff that can help your family business deal with all kinds of issues. I don’t think I would change a thing about how they worked for us. Mike Lyons has been a blessing to our family, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with him.
Gary Clem, ALMACO
Family Business Institute Client ALAMACO

The process so far with the Family Business Institute has been wonderful. Mike Lyons knows how to get the most out of us and is bringing out the best we have to offer. It’s been great to get things out in the open, set goals, and have plans. Mike’s insight into people is his greatest strength; he knows how to read people and respond appropriately.
Paula Rosen, Gowanda Harley-Davidson

Your facilitator is doing a superb job. There are a couple of things in the history of our company we’ve done well, and this is one of them. You couldn’t write a script any better of where we were to where we are now. We informally polled our employees, and everyone from the youngest people to the old-timers are enthusiastic about what we’re doing. We couldn’t be more pleased.
Jeryl and Kevin Rawls, WIMCO, Inc.

We’re pleased with your work thus far. Due to the soft economy we’d like to have every available dollar to reinvest in the business as opposed to spending money on consulting. However, you are providing a valuable service, and we need to do the things you are recommending to keep us moving in the direction we want. We’re getting all we could ask for from your facilitator, Dennis Engelbrecht. You can be proud of the way he represents your company.
Jim Brame, Brame Specialty, Inc.

The nature of business is that the only constant – other than death and taxes – is change. We have seen many changes in our 87-year history, and I believe that to get better, we’re going to change some more. That’s why we began talking last year about our
organizational structure with Tom Campbell of The Family Business Institute.
We haven’t stopped. With The Family Business Institute’s help, we have established a process that examines our strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. A steering committee oversees this work and monitors various task forces that make recommendations. Today, we have eight task forces, and they are looking at such activities as customer communication, business development and administrative support. We’re changing. It’s been a really positive experience. I believe it has brought us closer together as a company and as a team.
Prentiss Baker, Baker Roofing Company

“We’re more excited and confident about our business than we’ve been in a long time, and we have to give The Family Business Institute and Dennis Engelbrecht a lot of the credit. We can’t quite say they’re indispensable in helping us be more effective, but they’re approaching it.
Chris Williford, Southern Piping Company

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