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Rob Hoover


Rob is an experienced business consultant who specializes in executive coaching, facilitation, and change management strategies to help clients reach their full potentials.

He has over a quarter century of experience with General Motors where he delivered leadership and technical acumen to numerous teams and projects related to emerging technologies in the vehicle electrical and architectural landscape. In 2016, he received a patent on Vehicle Electrical Control Unit Calibration #9443359. During his career, he held positions including: Program Manager, Mentor, Instructor, Owner, Founder, and Managing Partner.

During his tenure at GM, Rob founded Frameworks Business Solutions where he specialized in helping businesses achieve goals by designing operational frameworks focused on business analysis and assessments to improve their overall levels of efficacy. He and his team performed one on one and group sessions to identify and measure key performance indicators for growth.

Rob’s areas of expertise include team building, high-quality project deliverables, business modeling, strategic planning, and crucial conversations.

Rob received his MSA from Central Michigan University and is certified as an Advanced Executive and Professional Coach. He is a native Michigander and relocated to NC with his wife in 2019. In his free time, he enjoys golf, motorcycling, and volunteering for outreach programs.

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