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John Mayes grew up working in his family’s business. He learned firsthand about the commitment and dedication that it takes to operate a successful family-owned business. Since his youth, John has worked for corporate giants IBM, Lenovo, and Sony Ericsson. In his career, he has been a Global Product Manager, Head of Product Strategy, COO, CEO, and Strategic Advisor.

John has run a number of businesses the largest of which generated over $800 million in revenue. He is an expert in team building, strategy and execution, project management, finance, operations management, administration management, IT, marketing and business development, and international product launches. Since joining The Family Business Institute, John has returned to his roots where he can have a positive and meaningful impact on family and closely held businesses.

John is a graduate of Appalachian State and is married with two children. He is the director of finance for his church and has been very active in coaching youth sports.

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