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Fred Ampolini


Fred Ampolini has three decades of business, manufacturing and engineering expertise and has lived the engineering adventure of a lifetime! He has worked as a start-up engineer, field engineer, and manufacturing executive in every facet of operations from engineering, production, maintenance, product development, distribution, environmental, heath and safety (EHS), technical training, and commercialization of new products.

Fred led a company-wide and multi-consultant skunk works team that created and launched an industry-transforming product, in fact, the first product of its kind to be authorized for sale by the FDA. Fred was the President of the R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company.

Fred’s skillset includes strategic planning, forming high functioning teams, leadership development, process analysis and improvement, coaching, and high level business analysis and improvement. As an inventor, he holds more than 35 US and international patents.

Fred and his wife live in Winston-Salem, NC. He has four children who are making the world a better place and one really cool grandson. He is the Chairman of Habitat for Humanity of Stokes County and is a volunteer mentor for SCORE NC which helps aspiring and existing small businesses achieve success.

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