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The Family Business Institute understands what makes family and closely held businesses unique and different from publicly held companies. We provide solutions for both the family and the business. Our consultants take a unique, collaborative approach that focuses on the balance of interpersonal, operational, and financial issues to help family and closely held businesses achieve breakthrough success (see family business triangle for more details).

These solutions are delivered primarily through the firm’s proprietary GAMEPLAN™ approach, which begins with The Family Business Diagnostic™ (FBD) followed by The Healthy Family Business Prescription™ (HFBP) culminating in The Sequential Implementation Method™ (SI).

In other instances, we are contacted by a prospective client for assistance with a specific challenge for the purpose of resolving a narrower issue over a specified time period.

Consulting Services:

Business Assessments—evaluating business and family issues from top to bottom, delivering plans for dealing with challenges, and executing projects on time and on budget
Succession Planning—addressing multi-generational planning and issues related to the ownership and management of your assets during generational transitions
Conflict Resolution—bringing deeply held issues to the surface and creating a comfortable space and skills to successfully move forward
Recession Planning—turning the challenges and anxieties of hard economic times into opportunities for growth and improvement
Strategic Planning—facilitating the development of your vision, mission, values and a roadmap of strategy, tactics, and accountability to align your enterprise with your goals
Expense Reduction—using management tools like expense reduction audits, benchmarking, and cash flow analysis to make your organization leaner and stronger
Leadership Development—defining the leadership capabilities needed to grow and sustain your enterprise
Estate Planning—practically aligning the needs of the family and the business with the goals of preservation and – above all – family harmony
Human Resource Management—ensuring that your business has the right people with the right skills in the right roles
Business Valuations— using a radically different approach to business valuation which looks at value drivers both historically and into the future to determine not only today’s value but also how to best create more value in the future
Family Meetings & Retreats—conveying and conducting successful family meetings which leave everyone excited about coming together again soon
Family Governance—including processes for developing necessary principles, governance structures, policies, and procedures for long term family togetherness and vitality

For more information about our consulting services, contact us at (877) 326-2493.


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