Business Valuations
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They could be any number of reasons why a closely held company might wish to undertake a valuation: estate planning, buy-sell agreement planning, divorce proceedings, etc. If a need arises, there are hundreds if not thousands of appraisal firms in the marketplace. What makes the Family Business Institute approach different is that our methodology looks backward into the past and forward into the future. What this allows business owners to do is assess what really drives value in their companies and turns a normally static business valuation into a strategic business management tool.

Specific Services

Turning Valuations into Business Strategy Instead of Just a “Point In Time" Number

Using our unique approach, we can tailor strategies to help entrepreneurs make their business more successful and more valuable over time. Whether they decide to sell the company or to keep it in the business family, they will be able to “cash out” with maximum value secure in the knowledge that they’ve created a model for sustainable success.

Periodic Updates Allow Business Owners to Track Progress

By updating the valuation periodically, we can enable entrepreneurs to see how their strategies and tactics are affecting the worth of their companies and to help them make mid-course corrections along the way.

The Family Business Institute Difference

Our commitment to helping you achieve breakthrough success is absolute. Drawing upon our unparalleled experience in working with family enterprises across virtually all industries and business functions, we educate our clients about the need to utilize a comprehensive and integrated approach for the benefit of their family business system. The Family Business Institute differentiates itself by addressing not only the typical financial side of the family business triangle, but also the other two sides which deal with operational and/or interpersonal issues.

Ready to Learn More?

In addition to the services listed above, the Family Business Institute can also assist you with many more services in the area of Business Valuations. For more information, contact us at (877) 326-2493.