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The Family Business Institute is a professional service firm dedicated to serving the needs of the family and closely held business market. Drawing upon our unparalleled experience in working with family enterprises across all industries and business functions, we seek to educate our clients about the need for a comprehensive and integrated approach to their family business systems.

Historically, family business owners have relied upon their own entrepreneurial skills and prowess for success. In instances where they have need for specific expertise, they have sought out traditional independent advisors (I.E. CPAs, attorneys, bankers, financial planners). Our viewpoint is that, due to their relatively narrow focus, such specialists alone are insufficient for family businesses because they fail to recognize and deliver solutions that address issues beyond the financial component.

The Family Business Institute differentiates itself by addressing not only the typical financial side of the family business triangle, but also the other two sides which deal with operations and management and how well or poorly people in the system function together (See family business triangle for more details). Our consultants take a unique, collaborative approach that focuses on balancing interpersonal, operational, and financial issues to help family and closely held businesses achieve breakthrough success.