Strategic Planning

Just about every family business has invested time and money in trying to produce a strategic plan, and almost every one of them can point to a dusty old three ring binder on the shelf and say, “We wasted thousands of dollars on developing a strategic plan years ago, and it didn’t produce squat for us!” One must raise the question: at whom should the finger point? Who was responsible for EXECUTING the plan?

Producing a plan and putting it into a binder is not magical; the magic comes in devoting time, people, and other resources to the process of planning and then – and this is critically important – developing a weekly management function built around the strategic plan to produce both results and accountability.

The Family Business Institute utilizes a comprehensive approach to strategic planning based on our proprietary process “Strategic Planning for the Closely Held or Family Business.” Skilled FBI facilitators, our proprietary process, and a committed management team are all necessary ingredients for a successful strategic planning effort. When all these critical success factors are in place, you can truly expect outstanding results.

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+ Research & Analysis

All successful strategic planning efforts begin with a robust assessment of the current landscape. Do NOT assume – KNOW the point from which you are starting. Organizational, customer, competitive, and financial analyses provide solid grounding for the strategic planning process.

+ Strategic Planning Workshops

A series of facilitated strategic planning workshops are conducted with your Strategic Planning Project Team progressing through the process in a logical fashion. The process includes the establishment of company targets, development of company mission, vision, and values, SWOT analysis, development of company goals, strategies, objectives, and action plans, organizational review and development of key performance indicators (KPIs), the financial plan, and KPI dashboard.

+ Strategic Plan Documentation

Some clients are comfortable writing their strategic plans based on the outputs from facilitated strategic planning workshops while others engage The Family Business Institute to assist in and drive the development of the final document. While the document is an important end product, it must be stressed that the process itself and the resulting decisions, actions, and alignment of the management team are the most valuable parts of developing a strategic plan.

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